6 types of mango to enjoy this season


Taste and color to enjoy this season. A foreigner who has become a fundamental part of culinary folklore. Of Asian origin, mango arrived in Mexico through the Spanish conquest and is now a representative fruit of the country.

Walking through the beautiful streets of the city you have surely enjoyed a giant glass of mango with chili or a complete piece cut like a flower, covered with our traditional chile piquín, something very typical of our culinary culture. We leave you a list of the most consumed in Mexico, so that you support local consumption and give a twist to your favorite recipes.

By Fernanda Hernández  @ferhernandez_v


types of Mexican mango manila

It is number one on the list of favorites by consumers. Its sweet taste and soft texture without fibers makes them unmatched. Its canary yellow color and the fineness of the pulp makes them ideal for desserts. If you buy greens, they can be perfect for ceviches and cocktails that need a touch of acidity.


types of Mexican mango ataulfo

If you like soft and creamy mangoes with firm pulp, this is the ideal one for you. They are of a canary yellow color and of a small and oval shape. They are ideal for eating sliced. This variety is one of the most used for the sale of mango with chili, you will find them in every corner.


types of Mexican mango kent

Its soft pulp and limited fibers make it ideal for accompanying salads or slicing. Of great juiciness and flavor, they bring a sweet touch to your dishes. They are very common in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and the USA. To identify them, you must take into account their oval shape, their dark green skin with some parts of intense red color. Its high seasons are June and August.

Tommy Atkins

types of Mexican mango tommy atkins

It is a mango with enough fiber, its highest seasons are from March to July. It is distinguished by its intense red color, reaching a dark green color with some red parts. Its flavor is less intense and the color of the pulp is more tenuous. It is ideal for long cooking and preserves.


types of Mexican mango champagne

Color and shape similar to manila, this mango has thicker skin and its flavor is not so delicate. It is ideal for savory dishes, sauces and preserves, thanks to its firmness. It is better to consume it mature.


types of haden mexican mango

Its bright red color and green shell with yellow hues and small white dots, make it very similar to Kent. Its flavor is very sweet, with a little more fiber than the previous ones. It is a great option to consume in salads, or cold dishes.

Source: gourmet de mexico

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