Goodbye traffic? Mazatlan could have three new overpasses, find out where


The Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas explained that they will hardly carry out the conflict studies, since the growth of the port is evident.

MAZATLAN.- Perhaps sooner than we imagined, Mazatlan could be saying goodbye to traffic, or at least lightening up, since there is the possibility of having three new overpasses.

This was reported by the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, who mentioned that he has detected three points, two of them at the intersection of Juan Pablo II with Luis Donaldo Colosio Avenue, as well as Santa Rosa Avenue by Libramiento 3.

“Three bridges according to the roads. We are defining a budget to carry out these projects, many require permission from the SCT, from Ferromex, all of this complicates Mazatlan with the issue of urban planning, but we are attending to it, ”he declared.

The issue, he said, will be analyzed with the Welfare Department of the municipal authority, above all, to know exactly and lighten the overpasses that already exist and that register vehicular flow throughout the day.

This, after the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry pointed out that the port is lagging behind in terms of roads and that due to the increase in vehicles, there are at least 11 critical points where it is necessary to improve circulation with overpasses.

He admitted that the growth of Mazatlan is exponential, however, it is the tourist area that is receiving the most investment, but not the rest of the urban area of ​​the population, therefore, the improvements and works that are coming will be for the area popular.

Zavala Cabanillas added that in the remodeling of Santa Rosa Avenue, which will extend to the “El Kraken” soccer stadium, an investment of approximately 75 million pesos will be made; In addition, the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Los Horcones water treatment plant is planned, with an estimated resource of 30 million pesos; 15 million pesos from the municipal authority and 15 million pesos from the state authority.


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