Sinaloa will issue new international drivers license in September


 In September, Sinaloa will have an international driver’s license and will also serve as an official identification, announced the Secretary of Government Innovation of the State Government, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázares.

He explained that the new identification will have international rules, which include the inclusion of English and Spanish in the data, so that it can be used in other continents such as Europe without having to request a special license from agencies such as currently it is done to be able to drive in European countries.

“After we finish in July, they are going to audit, I believe that by the month of September we could already have an international license and legally allow it to be used as an identification card,” he said.

He stressed that the same plastic will be valid as an official identification, which can be used instead of the elector’s credential in banks or various institutions to carry out procedures.

Gálvez Cázares informed that in the month of July the National Population Registry (Renapo) and the National Banking Commission will be in the entity to validate and certify the process of issuing licenses and once fulfilling this part of the process, it will be possible to start with the issue of the new document to citizens.

Source: linea directa

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