VIDEO: In the middle of the rain, citizens help soldiers to lower the Mexican flag in Mexico City Zócalo


Civilians showed their solidarity with elements of the Mexican Army by helping them to remove the national flag from the heavy rain and wind that occurred in the capital’s Zócalo yesterday afternoon.

As seen in the video, the military carried out the work to remove the national flag from the Plaza de la Constitución. When they seem to have problems because of the strong wind, two young people approach to support them.

Two young men approached to support the military
Together they managed to “rescue” the patriotic symbol of bad weather

Also, a man who is part of the cleaning staff in Mexico City joined to provide support. Finally, all together managed to “rescue” the patriotic symbol of bad weather.

In social networks, users celebrated the action and highlighted “the companionship of the Mexican” in this type of situation.


On June 6, the strong winds and rain  that hit the capital caused the tearing of the flag  that is in the roundabout of San Jerónimo, located in Jardines del Pedregal, Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón.

Citizens reported the facts through photos and videos shared on social networks. They indicated that some fragments of the national flag were torn and after a few minutes, they fell on the aforementioned roundabout.

After the reports, elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSC) arrived at the site to collect the remains of cloth. However, a piece of the flag still hung from the flagpole.  

Irregardless of your political views or party that you support The love of Country comes 1st in Mexico.

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