Bored with the same routine? Ecotourism in the Sierra de Durango awaits you


The La Pirámide Ecotourism Center offers one of the best experiences with activities for you to live your vertical side and give your lungs fresh air with pine smell

Durango, Durango.- The kilometer 117 of the Mazatlan-Durango highway uncovers an enormous rock with a capricious shape on a hill that together resembles a pyramid, where across with the names of the first military men who had the skill to arrive to the top as part of the training, an experience that today you can live in the flesh.

Located in the community of Las Adjuntas, the ecotourism center has a variety of offers for all passers-by with an adventurous spirit that, in addition to cleaning their lungs with the fresh air with the smell of pine, seeks to rediscover the vertical side of their lives, said Salvador Salum Martínez, instructor of activities of the park La Pirámide.

“Well, here at La Pirámide park, we offer lodging, food and lots of adventure, we have the via ferrata, the only via ferrata in the state of Durango, the longest zip line in the state of Durango and some impressive rappels.”

Hikes, sightings of exotic birds such as macaws, hiking and camping are some of the activities that can be performed on the 220 hectares that comprise the complex, however, for the most extreme there is the only route via ferrata in the state of Durango, called thus to understand several meters of scale with staples in the rock of the pyramid of more than 50 meters of height.

The crossing includes the descent via rappel for 35 meters of the rock to reach a point where the adrenaline erupts seconds before being mounted on the longest zipline of the entity, with 700 meters in length, which allows an impressive view of part of the Sierra Madre Occidental to enter between the huge pines of the receiving hill.

“It’s a very vertical place and the idea is that we all live our vertical side, that side that we almost never experience, we almost always live in the horizontal part and here you come and live that vertical part and then you take out those fears that you say, that many Sometimes they are instilled in you from the beginning and you do not even know why. “

In La Pirámide Park, there are properly trained personnel to provide a completely safe experience, with timely security measures that will make your visit a truly unforgettable experience.

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