Mazatlán, a pioneer in the use of Biofences in the Pacific


Academics, students, volunteers, organizations, fishermen and authorities team up to rescue estuaries, they intend to curb pollution by plastics with recycled material

Mazatlan seeks to position itself not only as a tourist destination in the world but a leader in protecting the environment, the actions that have been born from the citizenship but have managed to add a team to organizations and the Directorate of Municipal Ecology, as the recent creation and installation of bio-fences.

Sofía Trejo Lemus, professor, and food engineer said that it is about replicating a strategy that emerged in Guatemala, where up to February of this year it had been possible to collect up to nine tons of garbage through containment barriers, but made from material recycled.

Mazatlán, pioneer in the use of Biobardas in the Pacific

The initiative which worked with associations like Eco Islands, as well as professors and students of the Technological Institute of Mazatlan, among them Francisco Javier Paredes Osuna was installed as the first part in the Estero del Infiernillo that adjoins the navigation channel in Industrial Park Alfredo Vladimir Bonfil where CANAINPESCA joined the work contributing through their business networks of fishing .

Paredes Osuna, explained that the process of manufacturing a bio fence can take between 40 minutes and up to two hours, building a kind of wall with empty plastic bottles of two and three liters, rope and filling with sand plus bottles of 600 milliliters for do against weight.

Mazatlán, pioneer in the use of Biobardas in the Pacific

Although it requires a certain concentration, it ensures that the experience is rewarding when it is found  that it can be a waste container  at sea .

In the middle of the celebration for the World Day of The Oceans, the official delivery of the ‘biofences’ were already installed three meters deep with the help of divers and fishermen.

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