With Corona’s new campaign you can pay for beers with plastic bottles


Corona will renounce sales and accept plastic bottles as payment for the beers during the week of World Oceans Day.

With the new global campaign Pay with plastic, Corona and the organization Parley for the Oceans seek to prevent the problem of marine plastic pollution from escaping, since every year 8 million tons of plastics reach the world’s oceans.

As part of this initiative, recycling machines will be placed in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Colombia, where users can “buy” beer with plastic bottles.


They will also clean the beaches

Corona created a new six-pack limited edition, with which he commits that for each purchase he will clean a square meter of beach together with Parley.


In total, nine countries are launching the limited edition package between June and August , among which are: Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

In addition, consumers can join cleanups through the association’s website. The expectation for this summer is to clean 2 million square meters.

Corona and Parley have already worked with 25,000 volunteers to complete 537 cleanups in more than 23 countries, cleaning more than 3 million square meters of beach in the process.


Evan Ellman, director of Marca de Corona, said in a statement:

“When we started working with Parley, our ambition was to raise awareness of the issue by showing how plastic pollution threatens even the most remote paradises. Our consumers asked us how they could participate, so this summer we will take Corona x Parley to their beaches and offer them a variety of ways to be part of a global movement. Everything from attending a cleaning to buying the product itself. Everything helps protect paradise. “

Cyrill Gutsch, founder and CEO of Parley for the Oceans, said:

“Together with Corona, we declared war on the plastic bottle. We collect them in hundreds of beaches, involving ten thousand volunteers. By dedicating its summer campaign to the cause, we are hitting the epicenter of this epic battle: the consumer mentality. Now, everyone can join the resistance, financing Parley with every purchase. “

Source: Corona.

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