Mazatlan SSP goes after vehicles who use red and blue LED lights


There are already three detainees for using this type and color of light since it is forbidden to use civilians

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Public Safety (SSP) goes after motorcyclists, owners of Razers and motorists who use LED lights of blue and red colors, because they install it to make them believe they are police, when in fact it is of use exclusive of the police, informed the operational director of the SSP, Heriberto Martínez López.

“We have detected motorcycle units where they have LED lights because they are not authorized, it is a hallmark of an institution, what is blue and red is a hallmark for the police institutions of the three levels of government,” he said.

In addition to sanctioning them, Martinez Lopez warned that the lights will also be removed and will be destroyed, because until now there are two motorcycles stopped and a razer-type vehicle.

“There are sanctions and at that time the lights are removed because they are not authorized, it is a norm for the police institutions. We have already stopped two bikes and one razer, “he said.

– Why do you think they use this kind of lights?

“It’s a culture that the boys use, somehow wanting to inhibit, making people believe that a police motorcycle is coming but you get a surprise when you realize it’s a civilian’s motorcycle carrying these badges,” he answered.

Source: quepasaenmazatlanlinea

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