The Ángela Peralta choir performs at El Quelite


The Angela Peralta Choir Concert thrilled those present at a renowned restaurant El Meson De Los Laureanos in El Quelite, Sinaloa

El Quelite .- The Ángela Peralta choir concert led by María Devaki Murillo in the town of El Quelite was held for the first time on June 1st at 6:30 p.m., in the renowned restaurant of Dr. Marcos Gabriel Osuna Tirado. As a special guest was the baritone Adán Pérez.

Bets on art

Every year Marcos Gabriel Osuna celebrates the children and mothers of El Quelite, Sinaloa, makes a great meal and many sweets to maintain the union and the conviviality among the inhabitants of the town.

“I feel happy, I have always had the concern of betting on art in the Quelite, as part of the rural tourism project, I wanted to start with the Angela Peralta choir, because I believe that people should have the same opportunity as the cities of be able to taste the culture.

The educated voices of the Ángela Peralta choir reached the corners of the El Quelite mansions with an excellent interpretation of arias such as the O Fortuna of Carmina Burana, goliards songs of the VII and VII century respectively. Hundreds of children came to the place happy to enjoy the most recognized arias in the world. It should be noted that the one who opened the concert to the choir was a young man named Ángel Ávila, playing Mexican songs.

Inside the joyful program of the choir Ángela Peralta we could appreciate the voice of the soprano Gaby Vadillo with Never Digas, by Jorge del Moral, the contralto Flor Estrada interpreted “Pichi” by Las Leandras, Manuel Dávalos, who delighted everyone with the Choir of Vareadores of La Zarzuela Luisa Fernanda.

The aria of the toast of the opera La traviata was applauded standing by the audience that enjoyed the opera, the voices of the Angela Peralta Choir managed to reach the hearts of their own and strangers, an unforgettable experience that has remained for the story of “El Quelite” “

The special guest was Adán Pérez, but it was he who said that the merit belongs to the Ángela Peralta choir, he played Toreador, Sólo una vez, Granada, Júrame.

The friendship that has been forged through time between the singer Adán Pérez and Marcos has resulted in organizing one of the most emblematic concerts of “El Quelite”. Hundreds of families arrived at the renowned restaurant to live together. The purpose is that they have that encounter with music and opera, which by the way the choir closed with a flourish with the song “El Quelite” by the authorship of Alfonso Esparza Oteo.

“When Adam from New York comes, we like to talk about rural life, rural life, old architecture, streets, legends, the cow pen, and how music was born, Marcos points out that it was in El Quelite where many musicians came from who formed the band El Recodo. “El Quelite is the birthplace of a musician”. Marcos Osuna explained.

Without a doubt, it is a great success to lead the Angela Peralta Choir to sing at Quelite, Sinaloa. According to the organizers’ plans, they intend to continue taking more cultural events to the town that, although it has not been declared a magical town, already vibrates with the magic of its inhabitants and celebrates it with the humility and simplicity of a town with history and hard work in the countryside.

In an interview with the choir director Angela Peralta, Maria Devaki Murillo, thanked the support received by the Institute of Culture and Tourism Art of Mazatlan, she and all who make up this community choir, are proud to bring culture to the areas rural areas of Mazatlan.

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