Tamales Barbones of Escuinapa; another delight of Sinaloa


Escuinapa.- Without a doubt, Escuinapa is renowned for its traditional tamales barbones de shrimp. 

Its name takes origin because they are prepared with the full shrimp and the beards stand out on one side of the tamale. 

Marta López, has been selling these rich tamales of fresh shrimp and picadillo for years, shrimp being the favorite of people. 

“The tamales do not have vegetables, they only have shrimp, which makes them release a juice when they are cooked, which makes the flavor much better,” she said. 

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“Tamales Fabiola” are the only tamales that are still made with nixtamal dough which gives a different touch compared to others made with dough.

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The business is located in the park next to the temple, between Avenida Miguel Hidalgo and Calle Reforma. 

So if you have not tried them, you have to give yourself a weekend escape to Escuinapa to taste these delicious shrimp and picadillo shrimp tamales.

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The Mazatlan Post