“Mexico is not as complicated as you think”, says commissioner of the United Kingdom


Mexico is a very attractive investment destination for the United Kingdom, countries that are undergoing political changes but businesses are resilient, says Joanna Crellin, the country’s Trade Commissioner.

Great! thus, the economic relationship between the United Kingdom and Mexico can be defined, since the businesses are “resilient” to political changes, according to the Commissioner of Commerce for Latin America of the United Kingdom, Joanna Crellin.

The adjective great, used by the English to emphasize that something is great, very good, can define the business opportunities that exist in Mexico based on the historic presence of English companies in the country in sectors such as energy and the interest aroused by the business of the fintech, says Crellin in an interview with Expansión during his visit to Mexico.

Mexico is experiencing the beginning of a six-year term headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador that has generated uncertainty about how he will make the changes promised in the campaign and how to make his decisions, while the UK debates an agreement on his divorce from the European Union or Brexit, decided in 2016.

“There is a path of growth. I hope this is maintained (…) I think this disruption we have had of Brexit and perhaps the moment in Mexico that seeks to diversify its commercial relations, is a moment that we can find each other and strengthen our relationship as partners, “the official said.

Crellin held meetings with companies such as Mexichem and Cemex with presence in the United Kingdom during his visit to Mexico.

Attractive Mexico

“Yes, the country is an attractive market for several reasons,” exclaimed the British diplomat, who highlighted the energy, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

“As an economy that is growing and developing, many of the products and services that Mexico might need are services that the United Kingdom can provide,” he said.

“One of the things we know is that we can do better. The trade data is good (…) and has been growing (…) part of this work is to ensure and project opportunities in Mexico for companies in the United Kingdom, “he said.

Key sectors

Crellin argues that in energy there is a “traditionally strong” interest in the importance of this item for Mexico and the technological experience of its country that “we can attract to support the development of the industry in Mexico”.

Although there is also an interest in the sectors of the future in areas such as financial services and especially the fintech area.

“It’s an area that is growing strongly, absolutely, the fintech stage is very interesting for us (…) We see a lot of interest in doing things together,” he says.

Crellin took over the Commission in April 2018, so he observed Mexico and its electoral process that led to a change of the ruling party from the PRI to Morena, for the first time a party identified with the left came to the presidency.

– Do you see differences in terms of trade after these political changes in Mexico?

-Every country has had changes in its governments and its political moments (…) but we must focus more on the signals in business, what opportunities there are for British companies in Mexico and also what opportunities there are for Mexican companies to expand and grow in the United Kingdom.

– What message will you give in the United Kingdom to companies and investors after this visit to Mexico?

-I see Mexico as a fascinating place, every time I come I feel optimistic about the vibration of energy (…) the entrepreneurship of Mexicans and Mexican companies is really impressive, that is the message I will bring to the United Kingdom. (…) I want to tell companies in the UK that it is not complicated as you think, you can have meetings with companies, with partners, that see opportunities.

– What would you say to small and medium-sized Mexican companies that want to export to the United Kingdom?

I would like to tell you that there are many opportunities (…) talk to us.

– And how do you see the future of the relationship between Mexico and the United Kingdom in economy and trade in 2024?

-The tendency is for our relationship to strengthen.

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