Half of Mazatlan left without water


Mazatlan, Sin.- At least 48 hours from the afternoon of this Saturday the north zone of Mazatlan will not have potable water.

Fifty percent of Mazatlan was left without potable water service due to a problem that caused the leak of five thousand liters stored in tank five thousand, from the Ricardo Flores Magón colony.

The problem was generated shortly before four o’clock in the afternoon when the liquid began to sprout and later its force knocked down a perimeter fence and Manuel Clouthier Avenue; it became a river that caused road problems for just over an hour.

The manager of the JUMAPAM Ismael Tiznado confirmed that the damage left half of the city without service and that it will be by pipes of the municipality and the National Water Commission as it is carried to the homes.

The problem was in an elbow of the tube that reaches the tank 5000 to the tank 4200 cubic meters. A paramunicipal machine was already doing excavation work to try to know exactly the cause of the problem.

The area with water is located in the northern area of ​​the city and the surrounding area where this storage tank is located, the largest to carry the service to Mazatlan.

The recommendation is that if you have a water tank, save as much as you can and be careful with the expense.

Source: rasnoticias, el sol de mazatlan

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