The Mamut de Ecatepec captivates in Mazatlan


The remains of the Mammoth are shown in the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan from this Friday, May 17

Mazatlan.- This Friday, at 7:00 p.m., the exhibition Mamut the Giant of Prehistory was inaugurated, which took place in the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan, a space that showed off with a total crowd.

Among people of all ages, from children to adults showed great astonishment to see the dimensions of the animal that inhabited the earth more than 12 thousand years ago and had a measurement of more than four meters high.

It has 132 pieces of which are original 120 and the rest are armed, explained Gibran to the Torre director of the enclosure, who said that the animal came to live 20 years, was found in an almost complete 80 percent, the rest was that to arm, as it is the case of the horns, part of the legs and the skull.

His age is known this data by the denture, emphasized in his speech to those present in the ribbon cutting where they were authorities of both state, national INAH, as the director of Culture Marisol Quiñonez, director of the ISIC, Papik Ramírez, director of the Museum of Art of Mazatlan, Cecilia Sánchez Duarte, among others who attentively listened to the relevant data on the Mammoth that was found in Ecatepec in 1995. And that will now be visiting the port until August 26

Source: el debate

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