Sinaloa exports 5.5 million pounds of shrimp to the United States


Shrimp inventories are almost sold, Promarmex has less than 500 thousand pounds

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Sinaloa exported 5.5 million pounds of shrimp to the United States in the 2018-2019 season, against 5.1 of the previous one; Miguel Rousse Acosta revealed.

The manager of the marketer’s Producers of the Sea of Mexico, said that the production was very good, but unfortunately, the boats moored in advance due to the high cost of marine diesel.

In this season there was very good production, very similar to last year, but considering that the boats stopped fishing since December, we would have had a temporadón, the issue of diesel affected a lot, the fleet became inoperative starting in January.

Miguel Rousse Acosta.

Rousse Acosta commented that the volume in production was very similar to the previous harvest, with an average of 15 tons per vessel, but with a fall in prices of 30%, compared to the two previous years.

He considered that one of the factors for the reduction of prices is due to illegal fishing, since to the extent that the shrimp continues to be traded and continues to fall into the hands of certain traders, and that they put a cheaper price, it will have an advantage unfair for the producers.

“The rest of the sizes were selling well, we are 9% in terms of value compared to the previous season, but 30% less compared to the previous two years, which clearly impacts on the formula of the operation of the industry a price that increases of the marine diesel, a price of the shrimp that lowers and the productions that have been maintained “, expressed.

He highlighted that the marketer exported 5.5 million pounds of shrimp, about two thousand 500 tons, from Mazatlan vessels that fish along the Pacific coast, from Guaymas to Chiapas.

The manager of Promarmex pointed out that the market saturated a little the size U15, and although they are still in inventories in the United States, summer is a good time, a good sale.

“What are summer holidays is good for international sales, and we are hoping that for the next season we will start without inventories, to strengthen the price of the product,” he said.

According to the records, the 2016-2017 season the Sinaloa company exported around 4.5 million pounds, the 2017-2018 increased to 5.1 million pounds and the 2018-2019 season was 5.5 million pounds, however, they remain below the regular average, which is 6-7 million pounds.

Source: el sol de maztlan

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