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Women of Mazatlan demand more inclusion

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The struggle of women over the years, has allowed them to gain space within the professional world, where they can reach a position of greater hierarchy, without losing their rights or being attacked.

In Mazatlan, many women joined the March for Labor Day on May 1st. Despite being a minority, they raised their voices demanding equality, equal opportunity, respect and fair competition. Most of them expressed that with great effort, they have been winning more and more spaces in the business world, and that they are intending to go for more.

According to figures from UN Women, the participation of women in the world of labor remains unequal compared to that of men. In 2013, the relation between men with employment and population was 72.2%, while that between women was 47.7%

Women gain ground in matters of labor inclusion in Mazatlan.

In addition, throughout the world women earn less than men, since in most countries, on average they earn only between 60 and 75% of men’s wages.

The contributing factors, according to the UN , include the fact that women are more likely to work as salaried workers and in unpaid family jobs; they are more likely to engage in low-productivity activities and to work in the so called “informal sector” and less likely to move to the tax-paying formal sector than men.

In Mexico, there is a prevailing notion about the economic dependence of women; and that situation increases the probability that they end up working in unorganized sectors without union representation.


1 out of 10 women considers that there is total labor equality

3 out of 10 consider that women earn fair salaries

8 out of 10 consider that more inclusion is required

9 out of 10 consider that there are still fewer guarantees that reflect gender parity in the labor field.

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