Is it over yet? Recount of Mazatlan Semana Santa 2022


MAZATLAN: The beaches registered a total of 188 thousand 953 bathers, the highest record of the influx was on Good Friday

Holy Week (SEMANA SANATA 2022) is over we bring you a recount of everything that happened in the port during these holidays.  

From last Thursday until yesterday, Saturday, the beaches registered a total of 188,953 bathers, who were enjoying the sea, the typical Mazatlan food, and the music of the region.  

The tourists took the opportunity to throw a party in the port, which meant a great economic spill, although it was the traffic that caused headaches since there were areas where you had to spend more than 40 minutes stuck.  

Thursday, April 14 

On this day alone, 34,380 people attended the beaches. That day, 4 aquatic rescues were carried out with 10 people who were taken from the sea, 4 missing minors, and 14 pre-hospital care.  

According to the Security and Biosecurity Operation, only one person was transferred to the hospital; 20 people were arrested for disturbing the order in different parts of the city, both during the day and at night, as well as 3 traffic accidents, with no balance to regret. 

That same day, but at night, the Mazatlán Fest was inaugurated, which had a white balance. It was reported without incident. The breathalyzer performed 153 tests, 115 to men and 38 to women. The balance was 27 drivers who tested positive, that is, they exceeded the limit in alcohol consumption, as well as another 77 people with alcoholic breath, including 59 men and 18 women. Of those sanctioned, 24 units were released and 8 vehicles were foreign

Friday, April 15  

Good Friday is considered the day with the greatest influx, the strongest day, and this was seen since the beaches had an influx of 83,680 people, 49,300 more visitors than the previous day.  

There were 23 minors lost and returned to their parents. During the day, 5 water rescues were carried out in different areas, 5 people were arrested for disturbing public order on Del Mar Avenue, while Civil Protection elements provided 11 pre-hospital care. 

As for the night operation, the balance was 1 person arrested, 2 road mishaps, and 3 pre-hospital care. 

The Alcohol Program was once again carried out at different points in the city and resulted in a balance of 34 drivers sanctioned for exceeding the permitted limit, including 5 women. 

Prosecutors applied 180 tests, 122 to men and 58 to women. 101 showed alcoholic breath, but within the authorized range. 5 people were referred to the civic judge and their units were placed under arrest at the municipal drunk tank. 

Saturday, April 16  

The record influx to the 30 beach areas was 70 thousand 894 attendees during the day, being the most popular area, is the one between Olas Altas and the Monument to the Fisherman. 

6 missing minors were helped and 3 aquatic rescues were carried out, of which the death of a minor under 12 years of age was reported.  

During the night shift, a road accident involving a person run over by Camarón Sábalo avenue was recorded. 

Finally, 179 tests were carried out in the breathalyzer; 134 men and 45 women, with a balance of 40 drivers who tested positive and were sanctioned. Of them, 37 are men and 3 women. Another 102 drivers were found with minor alcohol breath, 83 men and 19 women. Only 4 vehicles were transferred to the drunk tank for their protection and the rest were released in the same place as the breathalyzer. 

In addition, on this day two events were held, a mini carnival and a great concert by the Rock-Pop band “Matute”. 

The mini-parade was planned to give a “little taste” to tourists who couldn’t come in February for Carnival. The atmosphere was full of joy at all times there was music, dance, fun, color, and above all many smiles from the visitors, who tasted a bit of the Mazatlan roots.  

Carolina II, queen of Carnival 2022, and Ivana II, queen of the Floral Games, as well as the king of Carnival, Obed Ibarra, could be seen on the floats.  

With Matute, the eighties revived on Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue, the nostalgia of those who lived in this time was visible, because the Mazatlecos almost finished their throats and lungs in order to follow the tune of the song.

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