Tourists sad to say goodbye to Mazatlan


Thousands of families return to their destination to continue their work activities after experiencing moments of celebration in the midst of music, beer the beauty and attractive places of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Finally, the vacation period ended, and thousands of tourists arrived at the port of Mazatlan for 15 days or more to enjoy Holy Week amid the waves of the sea, banda music, rich cuisine, and especially the warmth of people, this Saturday many people said goodbye to the party with sadness to return to their routine.

Tourists approached at the Central Camionera “bus station”, some residents of Chiapas, Nayarit, Acapulco, and Durango, said sad, as the days of rest were over, once having witnessed the party that only lives in the destination sun and beach, this Monday everything returns to normal to fulfill your work activities.

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“Sad but very awesome, we have had a great time here in Mazatlan, back to work, back to the routine, but with much energy”.

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“Yes, I already feel tired from so much walking, do you want to go to rest? Yes, and go to rest, the same to work. “

“A lot of sadness, it’s very nice Mazatlan, everything, the boardwalk, the city, the people, go to our place of origin but wanting to return to Mazatlan.”

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The children also pointed out that they did not want to leave the port, since they enjoyed the attractions of Mazatlan, especially the Aquarium and the beach, but what they really regret is that they will return to school this Monday, since they prefer to stay a few days more. to continue enjoying the sand and the waves of the sea.   

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“I would like to stay again on vacation”

Do not you want to go to school?

“I Do not”.

“I want to stay on vacation.”

Don’t you like to go to school?

“No, I do not want to do homework.”

Do you want to stay in Mazatlan?

“Yes, but I will miss my friends.”

“I do not want to go to school”.

Why not?

“Because my teacher is nag.”

Families promised to start saving money in the piggy bank for the first opportunity to return to Mazatlan and enjoy the beauties they offer, the cuisine, the kindness of the people, and above all the security provided by the port authorities.

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