Mexico: Officials would be left without bonuses and pensions with Republican Austerity Law


With the approval of the Republican Austerity Law that will be approved next Monday in the Chamber of Deputies, the bonuses to public officials, incentives, commissions, compensations or extraordinary perceptions to the salary that are outside the tabulators will end.

According to the publication of the newspaper El Universal, said law establishes that it is prohibited to attend work while intoxicated and the celebration of parties with alcoholic beverages in the offices and public offices.

The bureaucrats may not receive, on the occasion of the performance of their employment, position or commission, any type of payment, gift, gift, trip or service that benefits their person or relatives.

The Republican Austerity Law also obliges the public servants of the Executive Branch to work from Monday to Saturday and to provide at all times an expeditious, dignified, respectful and friendly treatment to the citizens.

It determines that bureaucrats and officials will not be able to close streets, stop traffic, not respect traffic lights or park in prohibited places.

Likewise, it will eradicate cronyism, compadrazgo and nepotism, by prohibiting the use of its attributions or faculties by officials and bureaucrats, so that they designate or intervene so that they can be hired as personnel of trust, structure, base or by fees to people with whom they are assigned. have ties of kinship by consanguinity up to the fourth degree, affinity up to the second degree, or marriage bond or concubinage.

It prevents officials and bureaucrats from contracting with public resources any type of income from luxury planes and cars, escorts, retirements, pensions and special retirement regimes, from individualized or collective separation other than those established in the corresponding social security laws, as well as insurance of private medical expenses, of life or pensions that are granted in contravention of social security laws.

Source: el universal, senado.gob

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