Mazatlan palaperos relieved with vacationer turn out


The restauranteurs of the beach will be able to pay their debts with the obtained sales in this holiday period

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- The restaurants located on the beach have registered an increase of 80% in sales, this Easter week.

The managers of the palapas said that in this holiday period of Easter and Easter, it has served for the palaperos of the Del Mar Avenue to pay their debts.

They explained that about six palapa businesses, of the 23 that exist, are indebted due to the remodeling of the Malecón.

The beach restaurants on Del Mar Avenue have had good demand.

“Somehow we are getting ahead with the expenses that were made as a result of the remodeling of the Malecón. Several of our colleagues were affected, businesses had to fall because the Malecon changed three meters to the sea, and we are just getting out of debt, “he said.

They indicated that in addition to the remodeling of the business, monthly, annual and daily expenses are covered, from garbage collection to land use and the federal zone permit.

“Yes there were more people last year, but sales remained more or less than last year,” he concluded.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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