Peñafiel, Paketaxo and other foods that cause cancer, diabetes, and asthma


Because this was the winning combo for when you wanted to party with the guys on a Sunday afternoon

We know that at the time of the party with friends or family, some foods and drinks have become the favorite among Mexicans; however, we have a news: your favorite snack could cause chronic diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

And what are these products? Here we say:


The mineral water, owned by the company Keuring Dr Pepper, will stop producing this beverage after the US  Consumer Reports (CR) organization detected high levels of arsenic.

The Peñafiel that is distributed in the United States, according to the RC, has 10 parts per billion of arsenic, and the amount allowed is 3 parts per billion.

In March, Keurig Dr Pepper confirmed to CR that until 2018, Peñafiel’s water   had undetectable amounts of arsenic, however this week it said it had detected levels above the federal limit, at an average of 17 parts per billion. 


The Power of the Consumer made an analysis of the Takis Fuego snack, churritos de maiz seasoned with chili powder and salt, and detected that the additives in the product could cause diabtes and asthma.

Takis Fuego, from the Barcel company, has among its ingredients the following additives: Red allura AC (red 40). Colorant associated with the appearance of tumors, according to studies conducted in rats.

Sunset yellow (FCF). Synthetic dye that can cause intolerance in people hypersensitive to aspirin, in addition to being histamine releasers can intensify the symptoms of asthma.

Maltodextrin Additive used to improve the flavor and increase the shelf life of the products. It is a simple sugar, so its absorption is immediate through the intestine and enters the bloodstream producing a sudden rise in glucose levels. An excessive consumption may predispose to generate insulin resistance or diabetes.


With all the pain in our hearts we have bad news, the Paketaxo is another of the botanitas that you should avoid because of its high caloric and sodium content. It also does not offer any nutritional value.

Like the Takis, the Paketaxo contains additives such as Caramel IV, Red 40, Yellow 6, and bright blue that have carcinogenic effects, reported the Consumer Power.


But not only processed foods produce diseases, but also roasted meat can cause cancer and diabetes.

A new Harvard study revealed that eating this food can cause multiple diseases due to the charcoal it is cooked with.

“The use of high temperatures, which can not be controlled on a spit using charcoal, produces toxic substances that are related to cancer and can cause insulin resistance syndrome, these are heterocyclic amines ( HCA ) and aromatic hydrocarbons. polycyclic ( HAP ), “reads the study published by  Diabetes Care .      


Another food that could cause a chronic disease is white rice. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases “significantly” when this product is consumed on a regular basis.

The scientists determined that a dish with a 158 gram serving of white rice increases the risk of the disease. Experts recommend replacing white rice, which is a refined product, with whole grain rice.

Source: nacion321

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