Coparmex Mazatlán endorses alcohol liberation


It can combat the corruption that exists in this sector of the state economy

Releasing the sale of alcohol will not increase consumption; On the other hand, it can improve free competition and combat corruption in the issuance of permits, warned Jorge García Félix, president of Coparmex in Mazatlán.

The comment was given a few days ago that the parliamentary group of Morena presented its legislative agenda for the second regular session, which highlights a proposal to reform the Law of Alcholes in which will open the possibility that more establishments sell intoxicating drinks, even in grocery stores.

“In the United States, alcohols sell them to you anywhere; and in fifteen minutes you request your permission either for restaurant or super … That also lends itself to a lot of corruption, since obtaining a license is a privilege “, he said when talking about the Sinaloa case, where there are self-service brands that dominate the market before the difficult and expensive that can be the procedures.

“If you release it, there will be more competitiveness, because anywhere you can buy, but that vice is not going to increase; We believe that competition is good, today some supermarkets dominate this and has ‘bankrupt’ other groceries, small businesses that can not compete with that management. “

In another aspect, García Félix commented that the industry of the craft brewery or production at the micro level can also be increased since one obstacle has been the high cost of licenses.

“If we put a microbrewery right now and want to sell, maybe the permit is more expensive than the microbrewery; if this is released, it can be more competitive and generate more establishments that provide a good service, it can be positive, “insisted Camaral leader.

In the public presentation of the agenda of Morena, the deputy Graciela Domínguez Nava, argued that the objective is to end the monopoly that currently prevails in the sale of alcoholic beverages, in addition to clandestine marketing.

He gave as an example other states of the Republic, such as Jalisco, where beer is sold in small stores and this has not led to out of control consumption.

In the current legal framework in the state of Sinaloa, grocery stores are not contemplated within the allowed tours for the sale of alcohols. According to the article 9 of the Law of Operation and Operation of Establishments Destined to the Production, Distribution, Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, within the businesses with sale of provisions only the self-service establishments are included, independently of restaurants, bars , cabarets, liquor stores, party halls and more.


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