San Miguel de Allende Expat is victim of violent assault in Villa de los Frailes, municipal police arrived 5 hours later


San Miguel de Allende.- A foreign resident of 70 years of age, was the victim of a violent assault at noon last Wednesday in Villa de los Frailes. Despite making the report immediately to public safety, they took five hours to reach the site.

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Last Wednesday, at approximately 12 noon, a 70-year-old resident was thrown to the ground at her home by a masked individual who managed to enter through an open door, a gun was placed behind her head . Three men, who had been sitting in a Dodge van outside the house in “Los Frailes” entered the house and quickly searched the property for valuables. They left almost as quickly as they arrived, with a small amount of cash, a television, a computer and a backpack.

Fortunately, the woman was unharmed. She immediately tried to call 911, even though her Spanish is understandable, she spent 15 minutes talking to the operator to give her directions on how to locate the address.

A few minutes later her husband arrived and both waited for more than an hour for the arrival of some element of public security, at the insistence on 911, the operators only responded that “they were on their way”.

At about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the couple decided to go to another house to feel safe, there they offered refuge and they began calling the authorities again and David Bossman was asked for support.

Until David’s intervention, General Eddy decided to contact them at 5:00 pm and arrived at the home of those affected along with three municipal police patrols, the General requested to see the 911 calls and the first one was checked at 12: 18 hours.

At night, the judicial investigators arrived at the home to process the scene and take evidence such as fingerprints and graphic records, the woman presented her formal complaint to the Public Ministry.

The municipal government assured with the purchase of new patrols the response time to an emergency would be reduced, in November they said, it took less than 12 minutes to attend each report even in rural areas.

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