Huaraches, his trade, and livelihood of more than 40 years


The work he learned from his two older brothers, with whom he started working as a child.

Escuinapa.- The manufacture of huaraches , a traditional trade in the municipality of Escuinapa , has been the sustenance of Guadalupe Rojas Salas , who for more than 40 years has dedicated herself to this work, which is also considered as an art in the culture of Escuina. .

Don “Lupe”, as he is known, said that this job was started by the teaching of his two older brothers, Aurelio and Florentino, with whom he started as an assistant in his workshops

He stated that the economic resource to support his family, which consists of his wife and four children, has come out of the trade of the huarachería; The latter have already learned from the trade, but do not dedicate themselves to it.

All my children have always helped me, each one has looked for other spaces to work, two are in Mexicali, one works here in Coca Cola (refreshing company) and the last one is still studying, they do not dedicate themselves to making huaraches, but they do They know how to make them.

Regarding the sale of this product, Guadalupe said that their huaraches have crossed borders, since there are people who come to acquire them to take them to other places in the State and abroad.

A lot of people come from Guadalajara, from Tijuana, people who are from here but live abroad, because they take the huaraches as a souvenir, from the United States, during the holidays people also come and make their orders to take them away, most of them ask to be engrave in the skin the name of Escuinapa or Sinaloa.

Finally, he said that despite the fact that there are more and more recognized brands and factories of huaraches, the sale of their huaraches has not been reduced to date.

It is worth mentioning that the cost of these huaraches is variable, according to the model or style that the client likes, and can have a cost from 70 to 200 pesos.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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