The 5 favorite cities of Mexico for foreigners


The border cities of Mexico  are the preferred ones for foreigners who are looking to reside in this country, but  also in Mexico City , specifically in two city halls, the presence of people who are above other nations have been detected.

The arrival of foreigners to Mexico is a motor of real estate development, since they usually inhabit houses located in residential subdivisions, said Real Estate analyst at , Leonardo González.

In a statement from the real estate portal, the director said that for a person from another country to buy a property in national territory must make an agreement known as Clavo Calvo with the federal government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

The agreement stipulates that you can acquire real estate in a range of 100 kilometers from the border and 50 kilometers from the coasts of the country.

According to the website, among the cities where most foreigners live in Mexico, Tijuana stands out  , Baja California, which has the largest number with 46,851, most of them Americans.

A house for sale in that border city has an average price of 2.5 million pesos and rent 22 thousand 919 pesos, and in terms of apartments, the cost is 3.1 million and rent of 24 thousand 75 pesos on average.

Mexicali , also in Baja California, is another city chosen by foreigners to live, where the average price of a house for sale is 1.91 million pesos and a department of 820 thousand. The rents in both types of properties exceed 15 thousand pesos per month on average.

Another city chosen by foreigners is  Juárez, Chihuahua, where a house for sale exceeds one million pesos and one department approaches 700 thousand pesos. The average price of houses for rent is located at 13 thousand 500 pesos per month and the apartments at two thousand 750 pesos.

Lastly,  the Iztapalapa and Coyoacán municipalities, in Mexico City, are home to more than 35,000 foreigners. In the first demarcation, the average price of houses for sale is 2.2 million pesos and the apartments of 775 thousand, and in the second, the average cost of houses for sale is 6.45 million pesos and 2.5 departments. millions of pesos. reported that according to the Expat Explorer survey, conducted by HSBC in 2018, Mexico is among the first 20 countries chosen for foreigners to live their retirement.

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