Over 400 minors removed from the Mazatlan Sunset Paradise event


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mayoría through its inspectors, in coordination with Civil Protection and Public Safety, withdrew more than 400 minors from the “Sunset Paradise” on Thursday of the Major Week, said Verónica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta.

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She clarified that the government proceeded to apply the relevant sanctions against the organizers of this event.

“The only knowledge I have is that we removed some minors from the Sunset area, and they were sanctioned for that reason, the first day, for this reason they had to be very careful the following days to be able to work”.

“… until now that is the only report I have,” he revealed.

Bátiz Acosta ruled that these actions will have repercussions for businessmen the following year, and more because they did not comply with the guidelines established in the Law. 

“The report came to me from Civil Protection when they were withdrawing some children, so this does have an impact because for us it is important that they stick to what is established, so if we are going to take it into account for next year,” he said.

In this tenor, he warned with reprogramming, the other year, the event of “Sunset Paradise” for another date, and that is not the days of the Big Week to be able to have control and more security, for the good of the attendees.

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