Mexicans listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide 2019


The restaurants of four Mexicans are included in the prestigious Michelin Guide 2019, each one of which highlights Mexican cuisine in different parts of the world: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, New York and for the first time in Paris. Meet these Mexicans in the Michelin Guide 2019.

The four Mexicans in the Michelin Guide 2019

Indra Carrillo-La Condesa (Paris, France)

The new member of the select group of Mexicans that has achieved a Michelin star, leads La Condesa in Paris, a restaurant without a menu that chooses its dishes according to the availability of the ingredients in the market. A place with contemporary French cuisine and great influence of Mexican food. Of the Mexicans in the Michelin Guide 2019 we have to be on the lookout for their great work.

Paco Méndez-Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

Paco Méndez joined elBarri (restaurateur group of Albert and Ferran Adrià) and together with them he opened Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo, restaurants that showcase the best of Mexican cuisine to the world, which has become the world capital of gastronomy (Barcelona).

Roberto Ruiz-Punto MX (Madrid, Spain)

Roberto Ruiz was the first Mexican to obtain a Michelin star in Europe. It has surprised both locals and strangers with its menu that includes edible insects and the best of Mexican cuisine. One of the Mexicans in the 2019 Michelin Guide highlights.

Cosme Aguilar-Casa Enrique (New York, United States)

If someone had said some years ago that a restaurant with a “fondita” menu would have a Michelin star, nobody would have believed it. Casa Enrique has achieved this thanks to chef Cosme Aguilar. Eggs to taste, pozole, tacos de suadero, pastor and lengua, toasts and enchiladas is a sample of what you can find here.


What is the Michelin Guide

Before the existence of smartphones and their applications that make life easier, there were some curious books called “guides” that included everything necessary to make life easier for travelers: maps, emergency telephones and recommendations to stay or eat. In Mexico there was for example the Roji Guide (which has returned to circulation and even has an app ).

The Michelin Guide was created in 1900 by the brothers André and Edouard Michelin (founders of the homonymous tire company) who provided motorists with a small guide to facilitate travel. This included maps, instructions to change a wheel, where to load fuel and a list of places to eat and stay.

The first edition was only published in France and in subsequent years guides were created for the rest of Europe (Spain and Portugal, Holland, Italy, and more recently Tokyo, San Francisco and New York).

Being a pioneer, the Michelin Guide became the most important publication of its kind; It adopted a rigorous selection process that is carried out by anonymous and professional inspectors with excellent training.

More than 100 years later, it is still valid and although the guides are no longer used in the same way, the Michelin Guide continues to dictate which restaurants are “the best” and recognizing the chefs for their work and innovation in the kitchen.

Source: Chilango

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