Mazatlan’s first 3 pumping station to prevent flooding will be operational


The project includes 8 in the Golden Zone; 4 more are waiting for transformers to connect

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This week 3 of the 8 pumping stations being built in the Golden Zone could be in operation, which would greatly reduce flooding in that tourist sector every time it rains, reported the director of municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

He said that the only thing missing is to carry out the connection contract with the Federal Electricity Commission and connect them so that the first three stations work.

The municipal official commented that four more carcamos show 94% progress in the works and that they are waiting for the transformers to arrive to install them, and then start contracting with the CFE and connect them.

He said that a smaller ramp that is contemplated in the project and the contract has not yet started its construction process, but will soon do so.

Garay Velázquez commented that despite the fact that in the last rains there was rainfall of up to 64 liters per square meter, in just one hour, in Mazatlán there were no major flood problems as on other occasions.

“Despite the fact that in some areas the capacity of the storm drains was exceeded, in many there was no flooding. In the Historic Center, in the Roosevelt collector the grates were filled with garbage, but the flood did not reach the houses, where we had problems was in an area where there was a construction, pallets were left that the rain dragged and that covered a drainage area ”, He expressed.

Every time it rains, Camarón Sábalo avenue floods due to the deficient drainage of rainwater. 

And with regard to the Golden Zone, he pointed out that as long as the storm drains that are in the process of construction are not put into operation, the floods will continue; However, he added that this week 3 could already be put into operation, with the connection of electricity.

“The gullies will allow us to alleviate the problem of flooding, there are 8 projected gullies, 7 of them are under construction, 3 of them practically need to connect the electricity to the transformers to be able to operate these pipelines, and there are 4 in progress that it can be estimated at 94% ”, he indicated.

With the operation of these 8 gullies, the flood problems in the Golden Zone will be greatly reduced.

He reiterated that this year the missing gullies must remain and that they are in the construction process, while the first three could work as of this week.


35 million pesos are invested in the 8 pumping stations that are built in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, for the discharge of rainwater.


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