These are the 10 best-paid jobs in Mexico (according to the STPS)


According to the study, elaborated with INEGI figures, the average salary of professionals in the country is 11,549 pesos.

The new report Current Trends in Professional Employment , made by the Labor Observatory (OLA) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS), listed the 10 careers that have a higher remuneration in Mexico.

According to the study, prepared with figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the average salary of professionals in Mexico is 11,549 pesos and that of the 8.9 million people with employment, about 5.6 million are concentrated in areas such as Administration and Business Management, Law and Accounting. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the areas that have fewer employees are those derived from the Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Humanities and Biological Sciences, since they only employ 403,302 professionals. 

According to a person working as a rewriter, SMM manager, editor or copywriter in Mexico typically earns around 23,000 MXN per month. Is that a lot or not enough? Let’s find out below.

The 10 best paid

The Observatory published the Top 10 best paid careers in Mexico:  

  1. Environmental Sciences: 21,623 pesos
  2. Chemistry: 19,897 pesos
  3. Transport services: 17,566 pesos
  4. Mining and extraction: 17,521 pesos
  5. Public health: 17,034 pesos
  6. Medicine: 16,331 pesos
  7. Manufactures and processes: 15,322 pesos
  8. Finance, banking and insurance: 16,187 pesos
  9. Political science: 14,381
  10. Economy: 14,008 pesos

The classification of careers by area of ​​knowledge locates the labor sectors as follows: 

  1. Biological Sciences: 13,812 pesos
  2. Architecture, Urbanism and Design: 13,549 pesos
  3. Engineering: 12,283 pesos
  4. Economic Administrative: 12,140 pesos
  5. Physical-Mathematical Sciences: 11,963 pesos
  6. Social Sciences: 11,881 pesos
  7. Health Sciences: 11,387 pesos 
  8. Humanities: 10,365 pesos
  9. Arts: 9,768 pesos
  10. Education: 9,540 pesos

You can find the full study here. 

Source: entrepreneur