This is how the Norteño musicians are heard during Holy Week in Mazatlan


* Contribute to the joy of the tourist

* “El Sinaloense”, “El Corrido de Mazatlán” …

Don Guillermo and Northerners is the name of the Jolly compadres that despite its more than 65 and more, sing us with good pace and mood songs of your choice in this Easter, from the “Corrido de Mazatlan” “El Sinaloense”, the “Jacquesita” and many others, even romantic.

In the interview, they manifest excited to work on the beaches of Mazatlan, from the Fisherman’s Monument to the Mazatlan Aquarium and walk and walk looking “client” along the edge of the beach and palapa.

It is the guitar with Guillermo, the accordion with Rogelio and the tololoche with José, who moves it, as if it were a light instrument, spinning several times to the beat of the melody “El Sinaloense”.

Don Guillermo carries the voice for the interview, but Rogelio has it to sing clear and strong.

Better listen to how northerners are heard on the beaches of Mazatlan.

Source: Sel

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