San Felipe, Baja California among the cleanest beaches in Mexico


The beaches of San Felipe are cleaner compared to last year, their pollution levels are so low that they are among the cleanest in the country, the Federal Commission against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) revealed.

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San Felipe

Year after year, prior to Easter, the federal agency measures the bacteriological quality of water from 269 beaches in Mexico, through the density of enterococci, one of which was not suitable.

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San Felipe

Enterococci are involved with human and animal feces, Baja California had the lowest rates, however, some beaches of Tijuana, Ensenada, and Rosarito, increased their level of contamination by this bacterium in relation to 2018. From zero to 200 ml of enterococci, it is considered an apt beach, more than 200 is classified as unfit, sampling was conducted between April 27 and 1, in Baja California, 16 beaches were analyzed.

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The eight beaches of San Felipe registered 10 ml of enterococci, there was a downward variation in the busiest beach, that of the “Malecón”, since in 2018, registered 16 ml of said bacteria.

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San Felipe Malecon

Tijuana Beach showed an increase in its two sampling sites, from 20 to 39 ml in “Tijuana I” and from 21 to 27 ml of enterococci in “Tijuana II”, even so, it has suitable indexes for human recreation, accurate the document of the Cofepris. It should be noted that all the Beaches of Baja California were suitable for recreational use, so you can go and enjoy them in this holiday without risk for this bacteria.

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Source: la cronica, cofepris

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