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Mazatlan: Lack of respect for signs generates more road accidents

Drivers who use cell phones when driving will be sanctioned with fines of more than 2 thousand 500 pesos

Mazatlan, Sin . Fines between 2 thousand 500 to 2 thousand 600 pesos will be applied to drivers who are caught using cell phones when driving, since it is one of the main causes of accidents; informed the coordinator of the Road Safety Education Department of the Public Safety and Municipal Transit Secretariat, Eddy Hernández Cavada, within the framework of the 35th National Road Safety Education Week.

In an interview for El Sol de Mazatlan Informa, he said that the main problem in road safety education is the lack of respect for traffic signs and regulations, which is for private drivers, drivers and pedestrians.

With the new Sustainable Mobility Law, he added, they specify situations that cause accidents, such as the use of cell phones when driving, since in a second when looking at cell phone, they can advance up to 30 meters, and the dangerous thing is that It is not a second, but 3 or 4 that are required to read a single text message.

In the previous law, there was no direct talk about the use of cell phones, but rather the lack of bringing both hands under the wheel, so the person could not be fined, but now the offense is stipulated, he explained.

And this law will apply not only to private drivers, but also to professionals of the steering wheel, such as taxi drivers, pullers, dealers and drivers of urban trucks or private companies.

In the case of drivers of the transport service, through platforms, it was recommended to use bases for the cell phone and not to maneuver them when they drive.


Another problem that is increasing, he said, is the number of motorcyclists that circulate through the streets and avenues of the city, and that every month 1,000 more units are activated, of which 60% remain in the city, while the The rest goes to police stations and syndicates.

The most serious of this is the lack of awareness of these drivers to wear the helmet, it is the only safety they have when driving that vehicle, it is a vehicle easier to acquire and cheaper in terms of gasoline, but it does not have to be a vehicle faster than a car, because the same rules that a motorist has is a motorcyclist “Eddy Hernández”

He urged the motorcyclists to use the same lanes as the motorists, not to get between the units, not to pass on the right, always use the helmet, one that is integral, visible and that completely covers the head, and if possible drive with a phosphorescent vest so that drivers can see them.


Eddy Hernandez announced that from April 7 to today, work is being carried out within the framework of the 35th National Road Safety Education Week, which includes talks at schools and institutions such as Jumapam, flyers on cruises, all to raise awareness and sensitize the citizens on the importance of respecting the signs and reducing the risks of accidents.

“All this is to raise awareness and sensitize citizens, so that we are better walkers on the public road, to have respect above all and tolerance towards the other, because the public road belongs to everyone,” he said.

To conclude, he added that today work will be done on one of the main cruise ships of the port, with brochures where citizens will be informed of the importance of not using the cell phone while driving, the mandatory use of the belt, respect speed, among other.

For more information, you can call 984-44-99, extension 1210, or for comments or remarks, you can do it on the official Facebook page as educaciónvialmazatlán.


Flyer on cruises

Talks in schools

Conferences in government agencies

Dissemination in mass media


-Drive at the speed allowed

-Use the lanes without zigzagging

-Put the helmet always

-Don’t pass on the right

-Respect the distance between units

-Use visible clothes

-Be tolerant of pedestrians and motorists


-Do not use the cell phone when driving

-Use of the belt

– Respect the speed limits

-Be tolerant of pedestrians and motorcyclists


2,500 PESOS is the fine for using cell phones when driving.

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