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Business Summit Mexico-USA held in Merida: how to measure its success?

Mexico is committed to the development of the south-southeast area.

How to evaluate the summit of entrepreneurs Mexico-United States that is celebrated in Merida? The convocation was remarkable, largely due to the work of the chancellery. In the capital of Yucatan there are representatives of the main Mexican and American business groups. That’s fine, but it’s not enough to measure the success of this meeting. He is the first CEO Dialogue of the AMLO era. The question that is in the air is: can the Lopez Obrador team dispel doubts, convince, and achieve a second wave of support from entrepreneurs for what comes in the T-MEC and for the emblematic projects of the 4T?

This summit is held for the eleventh time. For the first time outside the CDMX-Washington DC axis. The choice of venue is a message: Mexico is committed to the development of the south-southeast area and Mérida is a splendid scenario to show the potential of this region. The involvement of senior officials of the Mexican government is another message. Attending the Secretaries of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero;of Economics, Graciela Márquez; of Energy, Rocío Nahle; the head of the office of the Presidency, Alfonso Romo, and the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde, as well as the chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard.

It is a business summit where the Mexican government has a leading role. Government officials predominated, although there was Carlos Slim Domit. The goal of the government is to achieve the best relationship in history, between Mexico and the United States, said Ebrard at the inaugural toast. We want to convince them to support the approval of the T-MEC in Congress, Graciela Márquez exhorted in her speech. It was addressed to American businessmen, who played a key role in the negotiation during the years 2017-2018. On behalf of the US delegation, the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross and Tom Donahue, the top business leader of the United States, highlighted the importance of the bilateral relationship and acknowledged the efforts made by Mexico. Ross referred to the immigration issue and the approval of the labor reform in the Chamber of Deputies. Donahue, to the collaboration between the businessmen of the two countries.

The Secretary Mayor joined the dinner late, because she came from Mexico City where she was on the lookout for the legislative discussion of the labor reform. She was not a speaker at this inaugural session, but she was one of the most required officials. How did the reform go? they asked him. His answer, institutional but enlightening, was: it had some changes but the most important thing was achieved, there are advances that respect the Constitution, the commitments of the T-MEC and with the International Labor Organization. The most important is that the foundations are laid for terminating protection contracts.

On Friday, the sessions will be closed and President López Obrador will be there. The planned topics include border, security, migration, fight against corruption, labor reform, tariffs and T-MEC. The Mexican government team will make an exhibition of the main infrastructure projects and will have an audience that has many dollars and many questions. They expect clear answers. The success of this summit will depend on its capacity to impact on an intangible: the confidence of the entrepreneurs of the T-MEC community.

By Luis MiguelGonzález

Editorial Director of El Economista

Bachelor of Economics from the University of Guadalajara. He studied the Master of Journalism in El País, the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1994, and a specialization in economic journalism at Columbia University in New York. He has been a reporter, business editor and editorial director of the newspaper PUBLIC of Guadalajara, and has worked in the newspapers Siglo 21 and Milenio. 

He has specialized in economic journalism and investigative journalism, and has made professional stays at Cinco Días in Madrid and San Antonio Express News in San Antonio, Texas.

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