On the verge of concluding the works of embellishment of the south entrance of Mazatlan


Mazatlan.- The southern entrance of the city begins to show a different face, thanks to the embellishment project launched by the Municipal Public Services Directorate, through the Parks and Gardens area, seeking to show a renewed, clean and pleasant image to the tourists who will arrive at the port via highway in the upcoming holiday period.

The Head of the Department of Parks and Gardens, José Alberto Zambrano Bañuelos, reported that the actions are a significant advance with the placement of grass, stone, ornamental plants, the logo of Mazatlan and the phrase “Welcome”, at the height of the bridge of Urías, on the central ridge of the International highway.

“We are going to apply 2 thousand square meters of grass, we are going to put around 3 thousand plants, we are going to paint and we are going to make the welcome logo to Mazatlan is a surprise, it is a design that we have not made public, but let’s hope that people like it, it’s something new, “he revealed.

Zambrano Bañuelos reported that up to 130 people have been working on this project and are waiting for the last truck with the grass to be placed on the ridge.

He added that the unit had a delay due to breakdown, so they hope to end Friday, as requested by the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“Those delays (of the pasture) we have them because here in the nurseries of Mazatlan they handle small quantities of grass, 100 meters 200 meters then and to an amount like the one that we ask comes from Guadalajara and then there are failures techniques (…) the thousand 300 meters The rest of them arrive tomorrow, supposedly, we are going to wait to do it, we still have two days, “he said.

The project also includes the embellishment of the Plazuela de Urías, where the benches and the kiosk will be painted so that the place looks renovated.

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