Ministry of Health confirms cases of dengue in Sinaloa


The director of Promotion and Prevention of Health said that most have been presented in three municipalities in the southern part of the state

The Ministry of Health in Sinaloa has registered 23 cases of dengue, and 3 more than Zika in the municipalities of Mazatlan, Rosario and Escuinapa, said the director of Promotion and Prevention of Health, Rafael Felix Espinoza.

He said that Escuinapa is a place of great risk due to the climatic conditions that occur because there is a lot of humidity, as well as the migration in that place, since many people come to work in the south of the country to the Isla del Bosque.

He announced that the cases of dengue confirmed by the Ministry of Health in the entity during the present year represent an increase compared to the 11 that were held last year.

“The number of cases that we have counted until today confirmed 23 cases of dengue, Zika we have only three cases and chikungunya have zero cases,” he explained.

He exhorted the population to trust them and open the doors because of every 10 houses they arrive at only open them in four, and what they seek is to help them not risk getting sick because serious dengue puts them at risk of death to the people

The above was announced during the start of the First National Day of Intensification of Fight against Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya, in the neighborhood center of the Lombardo Toledano colony, and will work in that citizens maintain clean yards and free of water capturing items.

Source: linea directa

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