City officials canceled the traditional fish fair in Mazatlan


We are just over fifteen days from the start of Holy Week. And an event that has been going on for 32 years in Mazatlan is La Feria del Pescado.

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But this year or probably the next two will be missed because the 2019 edition was canceled by the City. 

According to the report last week a meeting was held in the offices of the DIF system located in the federal palace, which were quoted they thought it was to talk about the preparations due to the closeness of the week, but it was the opposite, to tell them it was for the cancellation of the event.

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Normally two months and a month and a half before they begin to design the program, in such a way that they manage to count on the considerable number of retailers so that it can be realized, but this year it was not like that.

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However, those who have already been to the fair assure that the DIF charges for parking, where hundreds of cars enter during the holidays, charge for stands before starting the event, sell the drinks, from water to beer and 32 years later they realize that it does not give them a profit or that it is not profitable. 
The food is prepared by employees of duly established restaurants or participating seafood and the authorities only supported with real estate, cleaning the area, do not invest any money.

There is annoyance among the merchants because the fish fair is a tradition both for the Mazatlan and for many tourists who prefer this destination every year to vacation during the holy days.

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In the next two weeks the municipality could rectify, but organizing it in such a short time is not easy, that is why a committee met constantly to see details of the progress, which has not happened until now.

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