Honduran Migrant who rejected a plate of beans in Mexico is arrested for armed robbery in Texas


Dallas, Texas.- The migrant woman originally from Honduras, which in a video went viral in which she compares a dish of beans as pig food, was arrested on charges of assault with an armed hand.

According to Univision, Mirian N was arrested on aggravated assault charges with a deadly weapon, which is why she is being held at the Kays Tower in Dallas.

The woman is placed at the disposal of immigration.

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A few months ago, a video that circulates through social networks, went viral because in the recording, the woman indicated that they only gave her beans , which sparked annoyance of many that offered free food to the caravan of migrants who they led the way to the American dream.

“Lady Frijoles” as she is known in Mexico unleashed the anger of those who offered free food to the migrant caravan to continue on their way to the United States.

According to the police report, the woman was made available for migration. Your bail is stipulated at 10 thousand dollars.

Source: El Debate, Frontera.News

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