The #MeToo movement arrives in Mexico


The rebound of the movement began with complaints of sexual abuse against Mexican writers.

The #MeToo movement in Mexico continues to spread to other areas in social networks, after the March 21 began with complaints of sexual, physical and psychological abuse against Mexican writers .

As a result, hundreds of women were encouraged to tell their stories mainly on Twitter through the tag #MeTooEscritoresMexicanos, which already has replicas in complaints against journalists, doctors, lawyers, academics, creatives, musicians, activists, arts, photographers , among others.

One of the most active accounts is that of @periodistasPUM, of the organization Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas, which, according to a count made by the organization, has already published more than 120 complaints of abuse.

These complaints involve editors, reporters, photographers, columnists and executives who work in some journalistic media in Mexico.

In total, according to the agency, 119 of those mentioned are men and one woman from almost 40 media outlets and two educational institutions.

Measures in the media

After these complaints, media such as the agency CIMAC News or the Network journalists on foot said they will make protocols to prevent cases of harassment from recurring.

While others such as the magazine Chilango and the newspaper Más por más said that they separated from their posts collaborators who were reported through this account.

Since last March 21, the communicator Ana Ge denounced through his Twitter account that “a powerful man of the literary circle”, whom he later identified as Herson Barona, had manipulated, pregnant and abandoned more than 10 women.

It was from this accusation that in this social network many women were encouraged to report various cases, using the #MeToo that emerged at the end of 2017 in the United States to denounce harassment and sexual abuse of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein .

In Mexico, the #MeToo movement landed in early 2018 after Mexican actress Karla Souza reported being harassed and sexually raped at the beginning of her career by a film director in a television interview.

After the case of Souza, actresses like Stephany Sigman or Paola Núñez, and the Olympic diver Azul Almazán also dared to make complaints about their experiences in this regard.

Source: 20minutos

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