Julio, an enterprising child with many goals


A bicycle with a crate and a cell phone was necessary to start his business

Guasave, Sinaloa- The daily life of Julio Manuel is very different from that of most of those who are 12 years old. He gets up early to accompany his mother to work at the Lencho Taquería, in Ruiz Cortines, Guasave, and also to start at 6:00 am with his work: doing errands in his neiboorhood. 

One day, I was thinking of people who could not or did not want to go somewhere to bring something or needed to send something from one point to another in the same community, Julio thought that with his bicycle he could help them and in passing Earn some money.

His business
“I had a crate in my house I thought I’m going to put it on my bike, and go to work, I thought about the people who are to busy or disabled and I got the idea so I put the sign on my bike offering errand and delivery services.  I charge 10 pesos and if its farther 20 pesos. ”  
His business started on Monday but thanks to social networks many have requested my service. 
Julio has been doing so well that if his business continues to grow he has already thought about the possibility of hiring someone to help him. “Yes, in fact, I have thought that if I see that there is a lot of work I can buy another bicycle, I invest in another crate and I put another person to work.” he works from 6:00 to 12:00, since he goes to school, but when he leaves, at 5:00 PM, he resumes his work for another hour.

His future
Although he is only in the sixth year of primary school he thinks a lot about his future, he says that he would like to be a biochemical engineer when he is older, but he is convinced that he also wants to have his own business, since he likes to be independent. When asked if he spends the money he earns, he points out that he likes to keep it in case something an emergency, or in case his bicycle breaks down and he needs to repair it.

Source: El Debate

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