Mazatlan new airport road to “libramiento” highway, ready for April


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The highway work of the branch that connects the airport with the Mazatlán bypass could be ready next month, said the Secretary of Public Works of the State Government, Osbaldo López Angulo. The concrete beams were installed for the construction of the bridge over Mexico 15. There is an advance of more than 90 percent, explain workers of that road development.

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This work is of utmost importance for this beach destination, since in addition to the connection, it will shorten distances and it will be possible to take visitors directly to the tourist area. There is also another branch at the height of Munich Avenue, so that they can move to new Mazatlan in just a few minutes, the official added.

The cost

This work began on February 6, 2018, with the commitment to have it ready in March 2019, but it is estimated that it will be until April. The investment for this road branch is 250 million pesos, as announced by the Ministry of Communications and Transport of the previous government when it was launched.


This work is a 40-meter-wide road, where two traffic lanes are housed that have now taken shape. The 3.6-kilometer extension, with a 12-meter-wide section, will house circulation and boundary lanes. It is done with federal resources and includes the construction of a vehicular underpass (PIV) and two junctions.

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It was also explained that the first junction will be on the trumpet-type Mazatlán bypass. While the second will be on the free highway Tepic-Mazatlan, the trefoil type. The development of the work is already very visible.

Source: El Debate

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