Beaches, restaurants and tourist attractions in Mazatlán empty

MAZATLÁN._ Low influx of visitors could be seen this Saturday, March 28, at the beaches, restaurants and tourist attractions of Mazatlán, in the midst of the global health contingency generated by the Covid-19.

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic is creating a situation of uncertainty just a few days before the high season for tourists in this destination, which is of course Semana Santa.

But it seems that this year, Mexicans are going to spend Semana Santa in quarantine, and this obviously is a tremendous blow to the tourism industry nationwide.

The Municipal Traffic Police has also reported a decrease of up to 40 percent in vehicular traffic in Mazatlán and the Alliance of Mazatlán Urban and Suburban Drivers announced that, due to the drop in passengers, they took 2 to 3 vehicles for each route, and the other were sent to be repaired (they will continue to provide service on all routes though).

The Mazatlan Post