Mazatlan approves construction of the Municipal Animal Welfare Center


This site will be in the Los Magueyes neighborhood, and although it has not been revealed when the construction work will begin, this center will aim to rehabilitate cats and dogs, as well as sterilize those living on the street.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the approval of the Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the project of the Animal Welfare Center has the green light to start its construction, as announced by the Director of Ecology and Environment Municipal, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo.

He commented that this project is intended to provide care to dogs and cats in situations of violence, so he anticipates that this center will take approximately three months to build, which revealed that it will be located in the Los Magueyes neighborhood.

“The approved center is the property of the municipality, absolutely nothing was purchased, it will be perfectly equipped with an office area, operating room, bathroom, quarantine, postoperative, cages and a huge area for puppies to run, cavort, rehabilitate; we are only requesting 12 dog cages and 10 kittens to start with; It is going to be a transition center for reporting violent animals or animals that we need to sterilize, “said Sanjuan Gallardo.


The official elaborated on the progress in the animal protection regulation, which only needs the approval of councilors of the Ecology Commission to be informed to the State Government, in order to work with its own regulation.

“Have we issued fines ?, Yes enough; we are monitoring many cases; yesterday, the case of a puppy that was rescued from a home was attended to, a person who declared he was not competent to take care of him, so it passes into the hands In fact, right now we are going to put together a file of two puppies that were thrown out on the street, one of them very mistreated for the public ministry, “said the director.

Although it has not been revealed when the construction work will begin, he mentioned that this center will have the purpose of rehabilitating cats and dogs, as well as sterilizing those living on the streets.


The Mazatlan Post