No migrant caravan wants to stay in Sinaloa


Civil Protection, DIF Sinaloa and City Councils of Escuinapa and Mazatlán have provided support

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- None of the migrants that make up the caravans that have passed through Sinaloa have wanted or had the intention of staying , said the state Civil Protection head, Francisco Vega Meza. 

He indicated that they have been on the lookout for providing care during their stay in the entity, they have supported them with shelter, food and hospital care, but the latter has been minimal. 

According to the official, there has been no problem with these migrants, only two children were treated who had temperature . 

Aspects of one of the caravans. 


The number of migrants who have attended the Sinaloa authorities for these caravans has been more than 5 thousand.

The resources allocated to Central Americans in food and other needs have been from Civil Protection, DIF Sinaloa and the municipalities of Escuinapa and Mazatlan. The Church has also provided support, commanded by the Casa del Migrante. 

According to Vega Meza, Civil Protection has sought to ensure that these families reach clean spaces, that they have a roof and shelter, and that they have been treated humanely, respecting all their rights.

Source: el debate

The Mazatlan Post