Have your rights been violated in Mexico ?, if so you can denounce violaters before National Human Rights Commission


Mexico.- More and more people know that if their rights are violated, they can denounce, for this the National Human Rights Commission is the competent body to process a complaint.

But, in what cases can you report to the CNDH?

  • When federal administrative authorities, with the exception of those of the Federal Judicial Branch, commit acts or omissions that violate human rights.
  • When a person commits an offense with the tolerance or consent of a public servant or federal authority, or when the latter refuse, without foundation, to exercise the powers that legally correspond to them in relation to said illicit acts; particularly in the case of behaviors that affect the physical integrity of people.
  • When there are disagreements due to the omissions or inactivity incurred by the State Human Rights Commissions, as well as the lack of compliance with their recommendations, by the local authorities.
  • In the aforementioned cases, the CNDH has jurisdiction to hear complaints related to alleged violations of human rights anywhere in the national territory.

In order for the CNDH to process a complaint, it must:

  • Be presented in writing at the CNDH facilities, or sent by mail or fax. In urgent cases, unwritten complaints made by other means of communication such as the telephone will be admitted; in this case, only the minimum identification data should be mentioned. In the case of minors or people who can not write, they can present their complaint orally.
  • Address the CNDH or its President and expressly request the intervention of this National Organization.
  • Be signed or present the fingerprint of the interested party; the CNDH does not admit anonymous communications. Therefore, if at first the complainant does not identify himself or signs his complaint, he must ratify it within three days of its presentation.
  • Contain the minimum identification data, such as: name, surnames, address and, if possible, a telephone number in which the person to whom they have been or who are violating their fundamental rights or in their In case, the data of the person presenting the complaint must be provided.
  • Have a narration of the facts that are considered violating human rights, establishing the name of the allegedly responsible authority.
  • Deliver, if possible, accompanied by all the documents that the person has to verify the violation of human rights.

All the services that the CNDH provides are free; to request them it is not necessary the help of a lawyer, since this National Organization has the trained personnel to help, guide and advise juridically to those who require it.

Where to report?

Source: CNDH

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