15 Security Tips for traveling by road in Mexico


Nowadays, travel the roads of Mexico In a vehicle it is something that must be planned ahead of time and it is also something that must be thought of at least twice before doing so, because besides the risk of vehicular accidents due to not taking precautionary measures, we also have another problem that in My opinion is something much more serious than the previous mentioned and it is the great insecurity that we have in our country, since in recent years this situation has been growing more frequently. And so many of the travelers, whether national or foreigners, today question whether Is it safe or dangerous to travel to Mexico? A theme that stops many to undertake this great road trip.

First of all, you should know the following:

Yes after seeing which are the most dangerous cities in Mexico, you feel less confident of traveling by road in a vehicle, keep in mind that this problem is not in the whole country because in the states that are in southern Mexico as Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo is not so much the risk that runs as in the states of the north and center, but of course, I am not specifying that it is completely safe to travel federal, state or municipal roads without taking security measures, so it is necessary to take into account these tips that I will give you below and that are for your safety and the people who go with you.

So take note:

1. Tell your relatives where you will go

Advise your family

Whenever you go on a trip, it is good for your relatives to find out where you are going, in order that they are always aware of your journey, the places you will visit, if you can, each stop you make tries to communicate with them. Maybe for some it sounds somewhat uncomfortable but it is really something highly recommended and important, because they more than any other person should be aware of any incident that may occur and they will be the first to respond for you and care about your welfare. Do it, they will thank you!

2. Check your vehicle before the trip

If you already decided to go on a trip with your vehicle, before you embark on your way to any city in Mexico, check your vehicle a few days before and if possible take it to your garage. I recommend you a lot check the vehicle’s tires before leaving on the road and also always carry a spare for an emergency. This will make sure that your trip will be safer and that it is less likely that your vehicle will break down halfway.

3. Carry a first aid kit

Check the tires

Whenever you go on a trip, prepare a first aid kit, this will help you a lot in case you or someone of your companions has an incident or discomfort during your trip. Remember that when going by road it is more difficult to find help quickly and more from a nearby hospital.

4. Always wear a seat belt


Please! This is something super vital and more if you go with your family, remember that on the road, speed is stronger than being in a city and that many vehicles are also circulating. Maybe many people say that we already know that! but it does not hurt to remind them, so when you travel with several people on board, make sure everyone uses a seatbelt.

5. Respect the signs

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, because if we all respect traffic signs such as: Slow down! Use your safety belt! O Respect the indicated speed! There would be fewer accidents than are currently happening. If you make sure that you are respecting the signs, be sure that you will thank yourself.

6. Never drive tired or sleepy

Accident crash

It is said that driving tired is the same as driving drunk and is that in a few words it is so, because as accidents happen by not respecting the signs, they also happen by driving tired or tired because just closing your eyes for less than a few seconds They have collided and ended up in tragedy or with their lives and those of others. I suggest that before you start your trip you have rested enough to be able to drive and more your journey will be a long one or you can also take turns with another person who knows how to drive.

7. Do not stop in lonely places

Solitary Places

This tip is more than anything because of the insecurity that exists in our country, wherever you go try to avoid making stops in places you do not know or that this very lonely, because we no longer have the privilege to do this as formerly did the travelers, you can clearly see it in the news as people who travel by road have disappeared and never reach their destination, and the worst thing is that some of these people who have disappeared, have never heard from them again.

8. Do not drive at night

Do not travel at night

This tip like the previous one and those that also follow next is what is happening lately in Mexico, and no one travels with all the confidence of the world when it goes to its destination because it is not only accidents that torment us when traveling , if not also the insecurity since we constantly hear of assaults, kidnappings, shootings, among other aspects. That is why you avoid traveling at night and more at those places where they are not so safe.

9. Travel with documents Passports, Immigration Id, Visa


Always carry with you your personal identification and if necessary your passport

11. Charge your cell phone very well

Charged battery

This is something basic but equally important because if you get to damage your vehicle or something similar, you have the way to communicate with your family and also another data that goes into this same tip is that you have emergency contacts such as: the cross red, green cross, firemen, police, the number of the agency with which your vehicle is insured, among others. In order that you have on hand the necessary to warn others what is happening.

12. Do not carry articles that attract attention


When traveling by road more if you go with your own vehicle and if you are going to make stops to different cities or towns, avoid having items that attract the attention of people such as watches, gold or silver jewelry and even fancy and very expensive devices. This will help you too much so that you are not a victim of an assault and do not look too much like a foreigner.

13. Do not carry much cash with you

do not carry much cash

Try not to carry so much money in cash and not take everything in your wallet, this will help you to not be so visible to the public and also avoid some assault, if possible distribute your cash in several sections ie a little in your wallet, another in your suitcase, another in some other place that you consider safe, and look at something that has worked for me in particular when I have traveled, is that a bit of my cash I keep in a bag of plastic would be almost the last thing that would be taken importance. As well as it is recommended that you carry a credit card at least, this for any situation that may occur, but if you will get lost report it immediately wherever you are.

14. Avoid travel by road to troubled cities

Dangerous cities

I think most people really know what can happen when taking a risky road to conflicting cities, what I would recommend in this matter is that you better take a flight if you want to go to Acapulco and avoid danger if you go road, as we have heard many cases in the news of missing persons, kidnapped and even killed, it is not to want to stop traveling but preferably do it by plane if your destination is in one of these troubled cities. Always be careful!

15. Take a map or a GPS during your journey

travel with map or GPS

Every time you travel by road and you want to venture in this way, as well as you have to carry a first aid kit whenever you go on a car trip you should also take a map with you. If you prefer something with GPS technology like Google Maps or Route 4 Me routing and scheduling software, this will help you a lot to avoid getting lost if you do not know the way and arrive safely at your destination.

As you can see I have tried to collect all those tips that are for your safety in case you have planned to go on vacation and venture to travel by vehicle, do it! But as long as you walk with care and take all the necessary precautions thinking about what you least want to happen. It sounds strong but that is our reality and until we have a safe Mexico we can not walk on its roads with all the confidence in the world, at least not like a few years ago when we walked or walked their streets and roads without problems and without much fear.

If you travel, you must go carefully.

Excellent trip!

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