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Catholics seek not to impose equal marriage in Sinaloa

Catholics seek not to impose equal marriage as an initiative of a minority to a majority in Sinaloa.

Culiacán, Sinaoa.- After having made public its negative position regarding the possible legalization of equal marriage in Sinaloa, the Interreligious Council of the State was present at the State Congress, prior to the start of the session of the Permanent Deputation on Tuesday, arguing that the initiatives of a minority to the majority cannot be imposed.

Baltazar Zazueta Zazueta, president of this Council, said that the intention to go to the Legislative Power was to be heard by the deputies, without the intention of trying to prevent the opinion of the initiatives they propose to allow same-sex marriage.

However, he commented that the local deputies cannot attend the petitions of a homosexual minority and impose them on a majority heterosexual society:

I can not accept my human right and deny another. Everyone is free. The issue here is that a heterosexual society imposes a question of homosexuality 

Congress response

For her part, the president of the Political Coordination Board, Graciela Domínguez Nava, expressed that the Legislative Power will listen to all the voices, as it did with the LGBTTTI community , and establish a dialogue with the Catholic community. 

He recalled that his position on the issue is respect and guarantee of the human rights of every actor in society:

” My opinion has made it very clear. Opinions must be respected; and the dignity of the human being too. We as a Congress also have to defend and listen to the arguments of all parties, “he said.

Like the parliamentary group of the PRI, the local deputies of the PAN have not yet defined their position on the vote of equal marriage.

The coordinator of the PAN party, Jorge Iván Villalobos, informed that both he and Roxana Rubio are open to dialogue and to take into account all the actors in society.

He added that he would recommend that consultation forums be held, as has been done with the initiative of the Law on Public Works and for the Forced Disappearance of Persons.

Legislative process: Opinion will be ready for next week

Despite pressure from the Catholic community, the president of the Constitutional Points Commission endorsed the commitment that the opinion of the initiative for equal marriage will be ready next week to be voted in the second regular session .

Horacio Lora Oliva, deputy of Morena.

Source: El Debate

The Mazatlan Post

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