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Highly toxic scorpions detected in Mazatlan

In Sinaloa, the health sector reinforced its response to avoid the increase of scorpion stings, mainly in the port of Mazatlán, Concordia and San Ignacio. In the port of Mazatlán, two species of highly toxic scorpions have been detected, which is why fumigation works are carried out to combat their proliferation.

High temperatures and excess humidity cause this arachnid to come out of hiding. Víctor Arredondo, head of Vectors of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 6, explains:

In its degree of toxicity, the most toxic scorpions are in this region of the country, the scorpion we have here, which we share with the state of Durango, is the second most toxic in the Republic and that of Nayarit would be number one in toxicity “

The colonies where samples of scorpions have been detected are the San Francisco subdivision, the Flores Magón colony and the Salvador Allende colony, where the provenance of these animals is already being studied.

Víctor Arredondo, head of Vectors of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 6, says:

All the scorpions that we capture are sent to the state public health laboratory of the state and there they determine their species and there they feed back to us to know the type of species that we have in the region. “

In the heat and rain season, the number of people attacked by the arachnid is doubled.

Let people learn and know that they should not resort to home remedies. Before the rain, the scorpion, this arachnid penetrates the houses, it wants to hide from the humidity and it is then that it gets into the footwear, into the clothes. We must shake the clothes, the footwear, not to have weeds or debris, “warns Víctor Arredondo.

The health authorities ask the population to take extreme precautions, since every hot season, the scorpions come out of their burrows and hide in dark or damp places like closets, boxes, shoes and furniture. In case of a scorpion sting it is recommended to go to the nearest hospital.


When a person suffers a scorpion sting there is great pain in the area. The severity will depend on whether the poison is distributed or not by the body.

If the poison is distributed throughout the body, a systemic symptoms occurs: the nervous system and the cardiovascular system are affected, cardiac arrhythmias are generated that put life at risk.

After a bite, it is recommended to apply ice in the area and consult the doctor quickly.

In severe cases, a few hours may pass between the bite and death and rapid action must be taken, medical attention must be urgent so that the corresponding antidote is applied.

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