Do you need money for your business? AMLO will give 6 thousand and up to 20 thousand pesos


The program ” “Tandas del Bienestar ” in which there will be no interests, no guarantees, but only the word of those who acquire them to repay the loan, is the one that the President of Mexico launched for small entrepreneurs.

During his press conference on Monday, March 4, Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that in this program that begins with the delivery of 6,000 pesos for the purchase of supplies and implements for small businesses, the only requirement is your promise to pay back.

They are a 6 thousand peso loan, loans without interest, nor guarantees, the only guarantee is the ones word, I maintain that the greatest wealth of Mexico is the honesty of its people, this I reaffirm and I can prove it,” he said.

The President of Mexico indicated that the program will operate with all the confidence of recovery, since it is directed for small businesses to buy their merchandise and equipment for their businesses.

We are sure that we will recover the credits. These loans are for small businesses, so they may buy merchandise, to buy home appliances, small activities, who seek life in different ways, this is a very hard-working people, “he said.

AMLO indicated how the credits will be handled.

1.- 6 thousand pesos will be delivered.

2.- In three months the resources must be exercised.

3.- By the fourth month, the beneficiaries will begin to pay 500 pesos per month.

4.- When you finish paying in automatic, you will receive 10 thousand pesos.

5.- When you finish paying the 10 thousand pesos, you will receive 15 thousand pesos automatically.

6.- When you finish paying the 15 thousand pesos, you will receive 20 thousand pesos automatically.

It has a budget of 6 billion pesos that will be distributed in one million credits.

Source: linea directa

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