Traveling traders hawk their goods in Mazatlan to support their families


On a 12-hour trip from their places of origin, the whole family comes; They sell from a mask to a wig and enjoy the sea in passing.

Mazatlan, Sin. They are business travelers, Mexican nationals informal vendors, who usually move from the center of the country, from the State of Mexico, Toluca, Queretaro, Hidalgo and Tlaxcala.

Each year complete families make masks, caps, crowns, confetti , in addition, to buying Chinese products, such as wigs, glasses, masks, bright toys, to sell with prices ranging between 30 and 120 pesos.

They also leave money in the city, consume food in the markets, bathe in the beach, pay for the use of bath and shower.


Some move a day or two before the carnival starts, they need to find a place to stay, although four years ago they prefer to rent buses, there are camper vans, they travel nine people per unit, from grandparents, parents, children, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law. They all come to “Work”

There sales stalls or carts are stationed near the coastal area, where people make their temporary homes, washed clothes, cook. Nothing is free for them, they are charged for the right to sale and stay.


Daniel González is 19 years old, but since he was a baby he made the trip to Mazatlan, although his family has made these trips to the port for years.

This year they moved in two trucks equipped for the trip with luggage basket, where they accommodate the product, along with 17 more people come, among family members and chalans, as he himself describes it.

They arrived at the Mazatlan coast on Wednesday, the day they began to explore the areas of to sale, the first day of good income was on Friday and they expected to rebound on Saturday. This day they raised fifteen hundred pesos, of which the food and all the services they may need.

The day begins at 11 in the morning, after breakfast they start to build their carts, at four in the afternoon they are already located in Olas Altas and 12 hours later at four in the morning, they retire to rest and take strength.

For us the strong days are Friday and Saturday, Sunday is almost no sales. Before they let us work on the avenue that was free, but now they leave us in the side streets, and when the parade is finished, it is when they let us go up to the Malecón.

Daniel González

They do not enjoy Carnival so much, what they do take advantage of is the sea, where they relax a little each day.