Mazatlan suspends public bike service V Bike during Carnival


Bike service resumes Wednesday, March 6, after the carnival.

Mazatlan.- The municipal government headed by the chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State of Sinaloa, agreed to temporarily suspend the bike service V Bike, during the days of the maximum party of the Mazatlecos.

This agreement is due to the parades of the Mazatlan International Carnival 2019, ” Equinox, the rebirth of the senses “, takes place on Sunday the 3rd and Tuesday, March 5, along Avenida del Mar.

In these circumstances, the logistics operation of the operating company V Bike will be limited due to closures that take place in various areas of the port, such as Avenida del Mar, Centro Historico and Olas Altas.

On the other hand, the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, which also serves as a bicycle location, is the venue for various events related to Carnival, which will also limit its operation.

Therefore, the government of Mazatlan, the city of Carnival , the Sedesu and the company V Bike opted to suspend temporarily the service of bikes, to avoid impeding the presence of those attending the traditional parades.

Source: El Debate

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