“Honoring the flag implies working for Mexico”


Honoring the Flag means recognizing that this symbol represents our aspirations, values ​​and convictions expressed by all generations of Mexicans and Mexicans throughout our history as an independent nation.

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Our history is a continuous process of search, discovery and affirmation of our own identity. 

Each generation of Mexicans and Mexicans has made its unique and irreplaceable contribution for Mexico to be what it is today. 

Our Homeland has collected in its Patriotic Symbols project, origin and yearnings. 

The National Anthem expresses our Nation project in an epic manner. 

The National Shield emphasizes our indigenous origin and our National Flag collects, in turn, the richest of our aspirations.

The first meaning of the Tricolor Flag was expressed by Guerrero and Iturbide, in addition to symbolizing in green, white and red the yearnings of that generation, union, religion and independence, anchored the new Nation in its origin seven centuries before Independence, by placing the Mexica eagle in the center of the Flag. 

This flag of ours was raised by those who defended the independence and integrity of Mexico before the invaders of 

’47. The Battalion of San Patricio made it theirs until they offered their lives in Churubusco. 

This same Flag waved in the forts of Puebla when the Mexicans, displaying great courage, defeated those who were reputed to be the most powerful army on earth.

And it was this Flag that liberal and conservative peaked until Don Benito Juárez made the Federal Republic prevail within the framework of the secular State. 

This was also the flag that enveloped the democratic deed of Don Francisco I. Madero, who against the dictatorship postulated the Effective Suffrage and the Non-Reelection. 

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This flag also gathered the aspirations of many and many Mexicans of the twentieth century, who, after the social demands of the revolutionary struggle and with a new constitutional framework, built the institutions of modern Mexico and those from very different trenches. , have fought for social justice, for the common good and for a true democracy that already, in the year 2000, produced the alternation in power with the leadership of Mexico.

In the same way, it was the flag in whose shadow all the presidents who have governed Mexico have taken refuge, regardless of their political affiliation. 

This same flag is the one that daily inspires our Armed Forces, which impregnate it with loyalty, honor, institutionality, commitment to democracy, vocation of service and love of the Fatherland. 

This Flag that we honor today, reminds us that women and men gave their lives so that today Mexico is an independent, federal, democratic and secular country, with strong institutions, with a desire for social justice and common good.

It is the same National Flag that has already contemplated 185 years of independent life, which also reminds us that in view of the rapidity with which the world develops, we Mexicans must move more quickly towards unity for the sake of unity. path of reconciliation, with all the pages of our history full of greatness that far exceeded human failures, very typical of human history. 

The unity to which all the meanings of the Flag call us is the unity, around a shared vision of the country project that gives room to all and all in the democratic plurality.

With the affirmation of our democratic present and with the imaginative opening to the future founded in our history, we Mexicans must put aside the interested positions that disarm us and immobilize us. 

The Flag collects the richest of our subjectivity and before the federal electoral process of this year, is ready to pick up the new and renewed hopes and commitments of this generation and those to come. 

Today, in Mexico, there is no more route to political power than the majority citizen vote. 

This year the country will emerge strengthened in unity and democracy. In fact, among the many meanings that our flag has, those of unity and democracy stand out.
Democracy must increasingly be the means for all Mexicans to raise their standard of living, especially those who have least, within the framework of a commitment of all and all, increasingly effective, with the dignity of the person and with their human rights. 

Democracy must be the way to resolve our inequalities and injustices in order to, together, build a fairer Mexico with better opportunities for all. 

Democracy must increasingly be the means to strengthen the rule of law, so that all Mexicans live in peace and with greater security. 

Democracy must increasingly be the means for Mexico to take its place in the concert of nations with stability and development with justice in a globalized world.

Democracy must increasingly be the means for Mexicans to strengthen our culture and our national identity while being actors in the development of the human genre. 

Honoring our National Flag means loving our past, working for Mexico intensely in our present and committing ourselves vigorously to the Mexicans of the future, making the decisions that I will allow them today. Enjoy a higher quality democracy.

Let’s think of the look full of illusions, of the future of the children of Mexico, of the young people of Mexico represented here, with their gaze fixed on the National Flag, behind which they see the current generation demanding us with their eyes full of life that we honor the aspirations, the values ​​and the convictions that the Flag represents, because they and they have the right to a brighter future. 

Only then does it make sense that when contemplating our National Teaching in any part of the world, we Mexicans feel that deep emotion that overwhelms us, when singing our epic history in the National Anthem, we salute our Flag waving proudly because it expresses the will of individual and collective realization and the illusions of millions of past, present and future Mexicans.

Because in its symbolism and vitality it gives us all space and makes us all feel that we are part of the same Motherland.

of the flag in guamúchil

Guamúchil, Sin.- To honor the flag requires loving the past and working for Mexico, so that the new generations receive better opportunities, said the director of the Autonomous University of the West, María Trinidad López Lara.

In issuing the official speech on the occasion of the Day of the Flag said that it is full of symbolism and it summarizes the history of the homeland.

“In Sinaloa the flag is raised with great pride because it is a state that is one of the main engines of the nation, many things are contributed to generate economic wealth.”

dia de la bandera en culiacán

He added that on this date the courage and heroism of those who fought to bequeath an independent, free and democratic nation are honored.

During the event headed by the mayor, Carlo Mario Ortiz Sánchez raised the flag to all flagpole and at the end of the civic event a parade of escorts of educational establishments took place.

Uses of the Flag of Mexico that could get you in trouble with the Law.

The Flag of Mexico, considered the most beautiful in the world, is one of the great national symbols and, therefore, is protected with mistrust by the laws. Contrary to other countries where the flag is used even in underwear, doing this with the Mexican implies sanctions.

The National Law on the Shield, Flag and Anthem governs the provisions for the use of symbols, and in the case of the flag its use and care in ceremonies, mainly. Regarding the implications for the common citizen, it only emphasizes that the flags used by individuals can not have the shield in colors , it must go in black and white.

Regarding sanctions, the Law establishes that:

Contempt or disrespect to the patriotic symbols will be punished, according to their gravity and the condition of the offender, with a fine up to the equivalent of 250 times the minimum wage, or with arrest up to 36 hours . If the infraction is committed for profit, the fine could be imposed up to the equivalent of 1,000 times the minimum wage. “

On the other hand, the Federal Penal Code establishes in Article 191 that those who “outrage” the shield or flag , whether by word or deed, will be subject to six months to four years in prison or a fine of 50 to 3,000 pesos. .

While Article 192 says that the misuse of national symbols will have a penalty of three days to one year in prison and a fine of 25 to 1,000 pesos.

But in neither of the two articles does it explicitly mention what constitutes outrage or misuse . Usually, individual complaints are filed with the Ministry of the Interior, who evaluates it and refers it to a judge for its opinion.

Long live the National Flag. Live Mexico. 

Source: Gobierno Mexicano, Dinero en Imagen, Linea Directa

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